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We provide services relating to all aspects of waste disposal and secondary raw material production: Flexible, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly.



ffk biocoal: climate-friendly pellets from residual material to substitute brown and antrathcite coal


Then become part of our team. Together we can make the world a little greener.

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Europe has a virtually inexhaustible source of raw materials - Waste. ffk environment aims to use it as efficiently as possible. For almost 20 years now we have been involved not only in the disposal of commercial, municipal and private waste, but also especially in putting waste back into the recyclable material cycle as secondary raw materials. This also means that we are active in the fastest growing sector of the German economy. We focus on producing environmentally friendly solid recovered fuels. With their help, fossil energy sources such as lignite and bituminous coal can be replaced. The recyclable materials, such as paper, metal and plastics, produced during waste sorting are marketed all over the world. ffk environment helps their customers to decrease costs and to produced less CO2, making an important contribution to climate protection.

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